Return policy

The policy of return of floral products.

At the moment, there is more than one service on the flower delivery market. We have investigated the issue of returning or replacing floral products of inadequate quality. What picture at the moment:

– There are companies that do not want to hear anything about the return of products, and in the Law of Russia on Consumer Protection there is a condition of return of the goods in a proper form, which is very difficult to sustain for the flower production, because the buyer usually asks for a refund because of the rapid withering of flowers. We can say that according to the legislation flowers are really not subject to return.

– There are more friendly companies that can still make a return, full or partial.

– There are services that do not make refunds, but can make a replacement for a bouquet or deliver another bouquet, it all depends on the specific situation and the customer’s request.

In any case, in the field of flower delivery it is very difficult to understand who is really right, because the goods are perishable and require special care. In order that we could cooperate fruitfully for a long time, we developed our return policy, which you can find below!

Return policy Russia Flora (

The procedure and deadlines for filing a complaint:

1.   A complaint about the quality of a bouquet or other goods may be filed within 6 hours after delivery (this time can suffice for the withering of flowers without proper care).

1.2 Complaints about quality and freshness must necessarily contain photographs. Photos sent after 6 hours from the date of the order are not considered. Photos can be sent by viber, whatsapp or by mail. Required with the order number and payer’s full name. Complaints from third parties are not accepted for consideration.

1.3 Complaint for delay is accepted only if the exact delivery time is paid for in the order and the service delivery with surprise is activated. In other cases, the delivery is agreed with the recipient and can be transferred to a convenient time for the recipient.

The order and terms of the resolution of the complaint:

2.   We try to respond as quickly as possible to complaints from our clients, so the maximum time for consideration of a complaint is 24 hours.

2.1 If, at the time of delivery of the order, the flowers have already not been properly dressed, the customer has the right to demand a full replacement of the products or to require a full or partial refund.

2.2 If one of the goods is missing in the delivered order, the company at its own expense re-supplies the missing goods. A postcard is provided free of charge and can not be considered a commodity.

2.3 Photo report is not a mandatory service, and the absence of a photo report can not be the reason for the complaint.

Procedure and terms of repayment:

3.   Refund is made within 3 days from the date of the decision to return.

3.1 When returning a fee is charged to the payment system, which falls on the buyer. It is also possible to leave funds on the balance of the buyer, then the commission is not charged.

3.2 If the refund is due to:

– Refusal to receive a bouquet by the recipient

– We can not reach the recipient and there are no alternative numbers

– The recipient is not in the country / city and he can not accept the bouquet

– The customer has changed his mind about giving a bouquet

In such cases, the payment for the services of the company, which can be equal to 10% of the order value, up to 100% of the order value, will be withheld. The amount of the return depends on the material costs of the company.

In some cases, we can leave money on the balance of the client, without charging the company’s services and bank fees.

3.3 The refund is made only to the payer and can not be paid to third parties.